Double Up on Free Parking by sharing KaChing!

Sharing KaChing now rewards you even more!

KaChing has decided to reward you, our loyal users, with an additional free parking voucher for every friend who signs up with KaChing using your personal referral code.

This means you can Double Up on free parking by simply sharing your favourite parking app with friends and family.

It's that simple.

How, you say? Simply follow the below steps between 19 and 25 September 2016...

  1. Download the KaChing Parking app (if you haven’t done so already)
  2. Open the KaChing app and share your unique referral code with your friends
  3. For every sign up with your code*, you will receive 2 free parking vouchers**

* To qualify: your friends need to use your unique referral code when they sign up
** Double up only applies to the person whose code was entered at sign up

Yours in #TheBetterWay,
The KaChing Team