The smart way to pay your parking

No cash. No parking ticket. No queue.

Just your licence plate scanned and the transaction verified via your smartphone at the entrance and exit.

Who wouldn’t want to arrive and depart Just. Like. That?

KaChing. The Better Way.

The 101

KaChing is a cashless, ticketless, user-friendly parking app which uses license plate recognition to open a boom when a user arrives at a parking lot. Payment is linked to the user's credit card or pre-paid account upon exiting. KaChing makes your parking experience hassle-free and cost-effective.

Why KaChing

We at KaChing have put a lot of thought into what makes a good product, and we have strived to bring users more value when choosing cashless parking with us.

Safe & Secure

Your credit or cheque card details and transactions are always securely processed by reputable gateways.

Easy & User-friendly

Download our app from your app store, register and setup your account, then go get your KaChing on.

Cashless & Convenient

No counting coins or saving notes, not even a queue. Just smile and wave, leaving everyone in the queue clueless.

Effortless & Economical

The KaChing app is completely free to use, and you only pay for your parking as you normally would.

Who needs KaChing?

We're all so completely different and yet we have some pet peeves in common: queues, frantically searching for change in our wallets and, of course, paying parking tickets with no available hand in sight.

Whatever your reason, our customers agree that KaChing is the best thing since 8-8 mall trading hours:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!